STUDIO BORGERSTEIN is an atelier for artists with a disability. The studio offers people with an artistic gift a platform where they can create their own work. STUDIO BORGERSTEIN was established in 2009 to provide a number of artistic talented persons of Borgerstein vzw with an environment adapted to their needs. The artists themselves were the immediate reason for starting up the artistic workplace.

The works created by the artists of STUDIO BORGERSTEIN are often so powerful that their appeal is simply mesmerizing. They are a very part of their creator. In some cases, the form language is even a necessity for expressing or communicating, making them inextricable and intertwined with someone’s identity. The artworks are not hermetically closed off, but lay close to our world of emotions. Boundaries become blurry and insignificant. They evoke curiosity. They are made with focused and meticulous impetuousness. STUDIO BORGERSTEIN’s goal is to realize and strengthen those artists’ identities, to provide space and time to allow each individual to grow in his or her own personal journey. The artists at STUDIO BORGERSTEIN do not practice art, they are simply artists.

At the moment, there are about twenty regular artists working in STUDIO BORGERSTEIN. Each artist receives long-term individual guidance in drawing and painting. They share the studio but work on a personal artistic oeuvre. The artists receive support both regarding content and technical.

The artists of STUDIO BORGERSTEIN participate in different kinds of projects and exhibitions. The first big exhibition organized by STUDIO BORGERSTEIN was held in Mechelen in 2013. A second exhibition followed in September 2015, this time transformed into an artistic walking route through the streets of Mechelen. Works of artists of STUDIO BORGERSTEIN were part of following exhibitions/events : ‘Special Art Festival’ (Sint-Niklaas, 2014), ‘Anders Bekeken’ ( CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg, 2015), ‘Tussen twee polen’ (ENTERfestival, Antwerpen, 2015), ‘Atelier with a view’ (Art&Marges Museum, Brussel, 2015) and ‘Art in the Park’ ( Beerzel, 2016) amongst others.